Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BSNL Customer service experience

Customer care service is very worst for BSNL mobile. They have a toll free number 9400024365, it will be funny if you call this number.
I tried for more than 5 days and finally could speak to customer care executive. You may try this.
Dial 9400024365, you will hear welcome message and the options, 1 for Tamil, 2 for English.
Press 2. Again you will hear options. 1 ..2. go to Main menu
Press 2 again. you will hear options for next menu. speak to cusotmer care executive.
Press 9. The call becomes silent. You can never speak to them.
Many times I disconnected the call, since I didn't hear anything. Once I waited for 10 minutes thinking without any message the call might be in
waiting for the executive.
Once while recharging, I did easy recharge as the shop which I went has this facility only.
I recharged for Rs 1000 talk time. I paid the amount. The person said there is some issue with BSNL service, and so the activation is not happening immediately, after few minutes you will successfully recharged sms.
I came back and after 3 hours I called the person to check as I have not received the sms. They said, "we called up BSNL they have some issues now, will be rectified shortly". I called BSNL customer service and enquired the matter, they said we can't check your status as you did easy recharge, you have to approach the place where you did recharge.
Ohhh, assume suppose on a travel you did easy recharge for urgency. You can never track it. Finally, after long hours of waiting I got the sms.

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