Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cheat at Indianoil pump at Indira nagar

Cheat at the Indian Oil pump

The cheat at the Indian Oil pump at L.B Road, Adyar, Chennai - 20. Many times I see a mileage difference when I fill tank. Once I asked them to fill for Rs 500 for my 4 wheeler. I saw the person setting the meter to 500 and one other person came to my rear side and asked for the money, as I was about to take my purse and hand over the card, I suddenly turned to the meter and saw he had changed it to 200 from 500. I shouted at him, and he has no answer as I caught him hand, one person without uniform came from inside the office and set it back to 500 and filled just to stop the problem there. Several times I caught them, but they say some reason like, they didn’t hear properly. One person will get money, when we ask for Rs200, the person collecting money will divert our attention towards something else and the person filling will try to stop it at anywhere below that. I had visited this outlet hundreds of times and many times I see a mileage difference before realising the cheat they play.
They divert by showing you a small bottle of liquid which they say will increase the mileage if added with petrol, or showing you some coupons etc. The person filling the tank will try his level best to hide the meter from you. He will call you and show the initial reading as if he is very very good. Whenever I go there, I watch the meter for the people standing before me too. Once a man asked to fill tank for Rs 100 for his 2 wheeler. The person collecting money came to the opposite side and collected Rs 100, meanwhile the person filling did it for Rs 30 and called for the next vehicle, the man caught him and shouted, he was about to hit him, the answer they say is, I heard it as 30 Rs.
Whoever visits this pump will have bad experience surely. Please share it by leaving a comment.

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