Thursday, November 27, 2008

How to avoid spam in your Gmail inbox

This simple way allows you to avoid spam on your inbox. Many times you browse a site, you like the application or something in the site, but to use it your email id is required for registration, also to post some questions at some forum its mandatory to submit your email id. But once the email id is submitted, the inbox will be spammed. Many emails arrive at the inbox or to the Spam folder, but you will not be sure from whom or which site the spammers got your email id. Sometimes it will feel irritated to unsubscribe from the list. Though some sites say, your email id or details will not be revealed to anyone, manytimes they do. So how do you find the site which sold your email id to any spammer, and can unsubscribe from that site. Here is the way if you are using GMail account.
Lets say your email id is,
Any email sent to the below ids will be automatically forwarded to

So, when sites ask for your email id for registration, just use any of the email id in the format and register. Now from your GMail account use filter to label the email sent to each id with corresponding label. Now you may trace out which site sold your email id and is spamming your inbox.

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