Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santro rust at the body surface

I own a Santro xing bought on dec 2003. For the past 6 months I could see a kind of rust formation at the body. I contacted the Hyundai customer care and was asked to approach the any of the Hyundai service center. I visited Kun Hyundai service in Adyar, Chennai and they quoted me Rs 4500 for about a half inch rust at the rear side and Rs 3500 for a minor crack like rust which is not formed but appears under the paint. They also said if within another 1 month the rust appears at the same place don't question us, as we don't give you guarantee. I followed it up with Hyundai customer care as this looks like manufacturing defect. They replied it all depends on the atmoshpheric condition, operating cycle of the car.
Then all the cars running at the same place should be rusted before they are 5 years old as the atmoshpheric condition is same. I drove only around 35000 kms, also I use cover for covering the car daily. The car was not even 4 years old and if the car goes rust then what is the quality of steel they use ? The Hyundai customer care sent me the same template when I followed it with them asking for the warranty period of the car. Then after pointing out his to me, they called me and defined, operating cycle is, how you clean the car - with hot water/cold water (I am surprised if people will use hot water for cleaning the car), then warranty peiod they say is just 2 years.
Also it gives only around 8 km mileage even after its full service.
Any thoughts ...?

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