Thursday, January 15, 2009

Traffic policemen near NIFT, Chennai

I used to go for lunch to my home through IT highway (Rajiv Gandhi Salai also called Old Mahabalipuram Road). Exactly near NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology), there will be 4 to 6 traffic police waiting. They make the vehicles to stop, mostly 2 wheelers and fine for any reason. Once I was driving my 2 wheeler, which was badly punctured, but I didn't notice it. Before approaching the traffic police, I was surprised that my bike is running differently, so I was driving it slowly. Even water tankers were overtaking me. The traffic policemen waiting there asked me to park. One policeman asked for my licence, he got it from me. I thought he may ask for licence, insurance, rc book, as I was wearing helmet, but he said that I was overspeeding. I told him that even lorries were overtaking me and what is that you say. He said pay a fine of Rs 400 and get your licence and go. Whatever I say to him went in deaf years. One other policeman said that the bike is punctured, only then I noticed that it was puntured. But those people doesn't understand that punctured vehicle cannot be overspeeded. Finally after several bargaining, I paid 100 Rs, and pushed my vehicle to pucture shop. Usually they stand at that place during afternoon to catch the vehicle going from SRP Tools juntion towards Tidel Park. Please be careful while driving at this road during this time, better go at a speed of less than 30 km/h.

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