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Loan rejected for bad credit score at CIBIL CIR

If your name reflects in CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited) as poor credit score, then you are to get rejected if you apply for a loan or credit card. CIBIL maintains a database called CIR (Credit Information Report) which is a factual record of a borrower's credit payment history compiled from information received from different credit grantors.
When you default on a loan, then your identity will reflect as poor credit score at CIBIL's Credit Information Report. Before approving a loan the credit grantor will check for your credit score at CIBIL.
Suppose you had defaulted earlier but has settled it, and still your loan is rejected for being a bad credit score, then
1. Contact the grantor from whom your application was rejected and ask for the clarification of your poor credit score.
2. If it says, that the poor credit score is because of your earlier default with some grantor, that you had now settled, then contact the earlier grantor and request them to remove your identity as reflecting as poor credit from CIBIL. This should be actually done once you settle the loan after default, but the grantor might have missed in sending it to CIBIL.
Suppose you never defaulted on a loan and still the credit grantor says your loan is rejected because of your poor credit score, then
1. Contact the bank and ask for the clarification of your poor credit score and get the control number for your credit report.
2. The bank should then provide with the control number and the information on your credit report that explains about your bad credit score.
3. If you feel any dicrepancies with the information in the report, then you may contact the CIBIL, and explain the nature of discrepancies in the report.
In either of the above cases, if you did not get the response from the credit grantor for your query even after a month, then you may contact the banking ombudsman, presenting the copy / proof of the query. You can also file the complaint online at or by sending an email at to the Banking Ombudsman. There is also a prescribed form for filing a complaint, which is available with all the branches of the banks. However, it is not necessary to use this format. The complainant should, however, incorporate all the required information. For more details log into Reserve bank of India website at
Can you check your identity directly at CIBIL's Credit Information Report ?
No. That is not possible. Reports can be accessed by members of CIBIL on the principle of reciprocity ie only those members who have provided all their data to CIBIL are permitted to access CIRs. Members can do so only to take valid credit decisions. Disclosure to any other person or entity is prohibited.
Contact Details of CIBIL
Helpdesk : 1800 - 224 - 245
Tel : +91 -22 6638 4600 / 2281 7788
Fax : +91 -22 6638 4666
Email :

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