Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Abbreviations in stock market

Below is the brief description of the list of abbreviations used while placing order in stock market.

RL - Regular Lot for BSE orders

NL - Normal Lot for NSE orders

Limit - To place the order at specified price

Market - To place the order at prevailing market price

StopLoss - To restrict the loss on the open position

DAY - The Order is valid for the day

IOC - Immediate Or Cancel - Execute the order immediately at the current prevailing price or price specified, if not, then cancel

Obligation - You can sell the deliveries before that comes to your demat account after you bought the same

MAR - This is useful to place orders in F&O segment.

INTRADAY - This is to buy and sell on the same day.

DEL - This is to place order for long term.

DISC QTY - This is to disclose only a part of the quantity order, if you don't want to disclose the real quantity.

TRIG PRICE - This is to set trigger price for Stop Loss order.

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