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How to get a LPG connection without a ration card ?

Getting a new gas connection is tough, that too the LPG delaers ask for a ration card as residential proof. Is it mandatory to produce a ration card now ? No.

During 2004 - 2008, the LPG dealers ask for a ration card as residential proof for getting a new connection. They even asked the existing customers to bring the ration card and get it sealed to book for a refill. So what will you do if you are staying temporaily in a place for rent. Each time when you change the residence you have to change the address in the ration card, then the LPG dealer if needed, etc. This is a very annoying thing as people live in the cities for rent how hard it is to do this things. And in cities like Chennai almost all the house owners vacate you in 11 months (that is the agreement period between the house owner and the tenant). Around 2005-06, LPG dealers accept a No Objection letter or NOC from the Civil Service office in that zone. It will be stated there that, the so called person is staying in this address for rent and this NOC is issued for him/her to apply for a gas connection. And ofcourse this too is tough and will take atleast one month to get this letter as you all know how the response and rhe work will be in Indian Government offices.

Residential proofs for applying gas connection
Then around the end of 2008, the oil companies said that the ration card is not needed for applying a new connection. So, any of the accepted residential proof like Bank Passbook, Election ID, Driving Licence, Electricity bill ,Letter from the employer etc is enough. But still you will be given a waiting list number and has to wait for the letter to arrive. This will take months. That too you can apply for only one cyclinder. Then after getting the first cylinder you have to book and be in waitllisting for getting the connection as 2 cylinders.

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Anonymous,  October 12, 2011 at 6:21 PM  

In Karnataka and TamilNadu still you need Ration card for new connection application. This rule is made by these State Govt.

I called all the gas companies in Bangalore...

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