Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MTS mobile service in Tamilnadu

MTS mobile service has launched its service in Tamilnadu. It is the CDMA service.
About MTS, it is headquartered in Russia. The main shareholders are Sistema and Shyam group.

10 lakhs minutes free call ?

When I saw the advertisement that 10,00,000 minutes of free call for just Rs 499, I thought of checking it up. I contacted the customer care center and found the following.
Initial Cost - Rs 999 for phone + connection.
Starter pack - Rs 49 with Rs 10 talktime.
Regarding the 10 lakh minutes free talktime, you have to top up with the MCard for Rs 499 and you get a free talk time of 150 minutes per day upto 2028. Free calls to MTS only. The 10 lakh minutes they calculate with a limit of 150 minutes per day till 2028.
At present they have 2 models of phones, both priced at Rs 999. You can even buy the sim and connection without phone, if you already have a CDMA phone which can support MTS card. Nokia 6275 is one such model which supports MTS, not sure if their is some other model phones available that supports MTS.

Other tariff in Rs.

Local MTS to MTS - 0.35
Local to non-MTS - 0.70
Local to landline phones - 0.70
STD to mobile / landline - 1.40

SMS Charges
Local & National (all networks) - 0.50
ISD - 5.00

Recharge vouchers
Recharge vouchers are available for Rs 200, Rs 100, Rs 50, Rs 20, Rs 10

They have other vouchers like booster card for Rs 99, Rs 49, Rs 45, Rs 30, Rs 25 all serve different purpose.

Let us wait and see if MTS catches the market and the competitors reduce their price.

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