Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sms to TV channel programs - viewers spend, TV profits

If you have the chance to watch reality shows in TV channels in India, you will see every now and then they request viewers to vote through sms. They have a sms poll. This is the one which is used to make the viewers spend for no use to the viewer. Even the tamil music channels like Sun Music, Jaya Max, Isai Aruvi etc come with this idea of sms. The viewer sends an sms in the particular format, and it will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Not sure how many sms get displayed and how many get filtered out. These sms are mostly send by lovers. Some sms will be so funny. It reads like this, "X : Hi ..., Why no call ?", as if the other person is watching this that time. Some will send, "X : I miss you ...". I didn't understand why this people getting fooled by these channels. And this too irritates the viewer in watching the good song.

Asianet utilises sms for deciding result of contestants
Last year, in Asianet's Idea Star Singer 2007 in one of the elimination round a conestant named Krishnakanth was called and announced the result as eliminated. I was very shocked when Krishnakanth was asked for his final words on this competition. He said that, "I scored really good marks, that I couldn't even come to this danger zone. I didn't expect that I will be in danger zone". The reply from Ranjini Haridhas and judge M.G. Sreekumar was that his sms score was less. This sms score is the one which the viewers has to poll for the contestant of their choice. This commercial sms which is being sent to a 5 to 7 digit number cost very high than the normal sms. In the same stage another lady was also called and announced the result. Before announcing her result, they said that she scored very less marks from judges compared to Krishnakanth. So obviously the viewers are in the thought that she too will be eliminated. But when her result was announcedm she was IN. Ranjini Haridhas said that she scored more in sms poll. I didn't understand onething, then why is there judges giving scores. Let them also poll through sms. Sms poll is one of the factor in deciding the score they say. So, if a person has too many friends or contacts, then he will get more sms and he can be IN. Even one person can poll more than 1 sms. Why do they have such rule ?, all because the viewers are spending and they are profiting. I think they can also include the profit they got from this sms poll while announcing the sponsors in every break. When they say that this builder will give flat worth this much amount to 1st prize winner, this company will give prize worth this much amount to 2nd prize winner etc, they can also say, we got this much amount of money from sms.
The sms poll was there for almost all reality shows. In Vijay TV, for Jodi no.1, the viewers has to poll the jodi of their choice for best performance. They had different seasons for this program. I think this is there in some other channels too.

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