Thursday, April 9, 2009

ATM response code 070

Did you face this issue - can check for balance available at your account through ATM, but couldn't withdraw money ?
I had a Savings bank account with SBT (State Bank of Travancore). When I tried to withdraw money from State Bank ATM, it said, "Last Trasaction Cancelled" and gave the slip as Response Code 070. Corporation bank ATM gave the Response code as 096. I tried from 5 different ATMs for 1 week, but getting the same issue. But am able to print mini statement and view available balance. I contacted my branch through email as I was 900 kms far from my branch and is in urgent need of money for paying my credit card bill. Since I didn't get any reply for 3 days, I did a CC to General Manager, and requested for an update. I got a reply from ATM helpdesk, saying that my account is in "dormant status" as I didn't do any debit transaction for few months.

Funny reply from helpdesk

Did you see that "debit transaction" ? Yes, they say that. I often deposit money to the account through online mode, and check for balance at ATMs, that works perfectly. It was so surprising and so funny for me to see that email, as they say if any debit transaction doesnot take place for few months, then the account is dormant. And they asked me to do a debit transaction and then try using the ATM card. The due date has approached for the card and I couldn't withdraw money.

Debit money often to keep your account active ?

I replied them asking, if I need to debit money often even if not neede just to keep my account active ?, and why is it considered dormant account though I recently and often deposit money, and is theren't a way where some changes can be done at the branch to rectify this ? I am waiting for the reply and will update here once I receive it from them.

Finally you will get the solution and will be benefited

The reason I wrote this post is, when I searched for the solution for this issue in net, I couldn't find one. So if I get a solution and post it here, someone who searches for solution for the same issue will get benefited. I was so much tensed till now for about 10 days since my credit card company will charge me a heavy interest, if I don't pay the bill on time, and this time I had done heavy purchases, and all the purchases will be charged interest.
I planned well and deposited money then and there for paying my credit card bill once my Insurance premium has been deducted through ECS debit. But everything has turned useless.

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