Friday, April 3, 2009

BSE and NSE trading holidays 2009

During the calendar year 2009, BSE and NSE will observe the following trading holidays.

HolidaysDate and Day

1Moharram8th January, 2009 Thursday

2Republic Day26th January, 2009 Monday

3Mahashivratri23rd February, 2009 Monday

4Id-E-Milad10th March, 2009 Tuesday

5Holi11th March, 2009 Wednesday

6Ram Navmi3rd April, 2009 Friday

7Mahavir Jayanti7th April, 2009 Tuesday

8Good Friday10th April, 2009 Friday

9Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti14th April, 2009 Tuesday

10Maharashtra Day1st May, 2009 Friday

11Ramzan Id21st September, 2009 Monday

12Dasera28th September, 2009 Monday

13Gandhi Jayanti2nd October, 2009 Friday

14Diwali ( Bhaubeez)19th October, 2009 Monday

15Gurunanak Jayanti2nd November, 2009 Monday

16Christmas25th December, 2009 Friday

17Moharram28th December, 2009 Monday

Few of the festivals like Bakrid, Independance day falls on Saturday or Sunday. The list above shows the trading holidays during the weekdays.

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