Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Change blogger template column width

How to change the width of the blogger template column.
Changing the width of the columns at blogger template is so simple. By changing the width of the column you can make the look of your blog more readable, and the users tend to stay for more time.
Suppose your blog template uses almost 50% of the screen for blog post and the rest for sidebar, you may feel like increasing the blog post width, so that more space is used for post and less space for sidebar.
Here is the simple steps to do this.

1. Login to blogger and go to Dashboard -> Layout -> Edit HTML.
2. Click on the 'Expand Widget Templates'
3. Before making any changes, take a backup of your template by clicking on 'Download Full Template' and saving it to your computer.
4. Find for the code, #outer-wrapper {
change the width of this to 100%
5. Find for the code, #main-wrapper {
make the width of this to say 600px
6. Find the code, #main {
this is the place where your post appears. So, increasing this will increase your post width.
make the width of this to slightly less than #main-wrapper { width.
7. Find the code, #side-wrapper { or #sidebar-wrapper {
change the width of this so that, this size and size of the width of #main-wrapper doesn't exceed the screen size or the width of the #content-wrapper {.
8. Click on Preview to see if it worked as expected.
Change the width of the #main-wrapper {, #main { and #side-wrapper { or #sidebar-wrapper { and preview to check if the page was displaying as you expected.

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lekhika June 29, 2009 at 2:34 PM  

thanks for the info.
helped my blog.

do u know how to place pics next to each other in blogger? for me, they are all being displayed one below the other.

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