Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chennai autos characteristics

If you are in Chennai, then you probably might have come across this.
We all know that the Chennai Autos are known for its high hire rate. Though the government said few times that the Autos should use meter and charge only what the meter reads, nothing can be done. There are also some instances where the newspaper reports some complaint numbers which can be called to lodge a complaint if the auto driver refuses to use meter. Other than this there are various characteristics of a Chennai Auto.

1. During night times, most of the autos doesn't use head lights.
2. Have you ever seen an indicator glowing at Chennai Auto. They will never use indicators to turn.
3. All of a sudden the Auto will make a U-turn at the same road. Be careful while overtaking or following an auto, you need a sudden brake.
4. When you are about to cross the road or getting out from a shop, he will slow the auto near you, asking "Sir/Madam Auto-va".
5. When you are waiting for the bus at bus-stop, you will see autos slowing and queueing.
6. The auto driver will keep on spitting, without even considering the passenger in the auto.
7. For a distance of 10 kms, he will ask around Rs 200, and you have to start bargaining. And finally he will increase 10 to 20 Rs for what you agree, saying, "Sir, don't look at 10 Rs sir".
8. Though you say the place clearly, where you want to be dropped, before 2 kms he will start asking, "which way Sir", "Still more you have to go", etc.
9. When you get down from the long route bus, auto drivers will crowd and ask if auto is needed, some will even carry your luggages down as if they came to receive you.
10. The sound of a Chennai auto will be unique Krrrrrrr, after getting down from the auto you feel a relief to your ear.

Bad Things

There were some news about auto drivers that they push the passengers and rob the bag. One auto driver even slapped a passenger at R.A.Puram.

An auto driver like Cinema hero

Recently I read a good thing about auto driver. One of the auto driver while dropping a passenger in Tambaram railway station saw a lady shouting for help when a person snatched her chain and running. This auto driver chased and caught the person and handed him over to police station. Probably he has to be given a work in Police department.

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Praveen April 8, 2009 at 9:31 PM  

Ur article on Chennai autorickshaws was very good. It was an accurate portrayal of what really happens. U forgot to mention one thing: if u try to wait till another auto comes up near u (i.e, increase the competition), u can bargain a lot more.

BTW, am missing Chennai a lot, having moved to Hyderabad last year. It was nostalgic, reading ur article.

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