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Rental life in Chennai

"Rentals has come down now. Nobody is paying that much rent now". These are the words spoken by the tenants living in rented houses talk. Tenants are trying to reduce the rent for the house which they stay. Or they look for some other place where the rent is less compared to their present rent. In my experience, I could see a dip in the rental amount the landlords quote, and they are even ready to negotiate. Last year when I search for house, almost all the landlords will never negotiate, but this year the situation is changed. Some houses are even kept vacant for atleast 3 weeks or more. I checked the same ad appearing for 4 weeks in one of the local classifieds that gets published on Sundays. Initially the rent they quoted was 11000 Rs, then they quoted 10000 Rs. So there are more houses being vacant, try to negotiate heavily and strike a good deal.

Going for a broker ?

Usually if you go and search for a house in some area, almost every people you enquire will be a broker like the ironing man in that area, security of the flat, petty shops etc. They will charge you a 1 month rent as their commission. Its not like the landlords are their clients. They come to know about the vacancy in a place through other brokers or security of the flat. When people search for the house they show this place, some even ask for a service charge for just showing the house whether you liked it or not.

Terrible to live in rented house

In Chennai as I know people just want money without even spending any, atleast I am speaking about landlords. When the tenant ask for a maintenance in the place, he will try to escape. The rental agreement will be 11 months, so as soon as you complete 11 months, the landlord will request for the increment in the rent, the increment % will be upto 50% of what you pay earlier. Some smartly say, that they need the house or going to dispose the house, so please vacate as soon as possible. This is mostly for giving it for another person for more rent. It will really be a tension and stressfull life to live in rented house. While searching the house you will be tensed by the way these landlords speak. Today when I called a person asking for details about his advertisent, he gave the details, then asked for my name, then he asked are you xxxx (religion). I said, No, I am yyyy (religion). He said, we are looking for only this xxxx religion tenants. I didn't understand his view on this. When he can live in the same area, city, country with other religions, why is finding only his religion as tenants. However the coutry changes, educated, people like this will exist. In a metropolitan city Chennai there are this kind of people. Some request for vegetarian people, but that is ok, that has a meaning because the landlord doesn't want the tenant to cook any non-veg in his house, and it is acceptable. But this person person shocked me by saying this. If he has a business, will he opt for only his religion as his customers ? If he is salaried person, will he work for only his religion boss ? If he is ill, will he go to the doctor of his religion only ? If he needs blood, will he accept only from the donors of his religion only. There are now increasing number of people donating their organs, does they donate with the condition that this should go only to his religion people ? No. Ohh, just for renting his house, he seeks his religion people. I don't understand how these people are educated. I urge the landlords if you are reading this, please don't do this. Its all human beings. You can even check the background of the people before leting out your house, but not like this.

Landlord's words

My landlord showed me the three fuses at a switch board and said that it was 3 phase electricity supply. but really it was not. In fact I asked him about this only after getting into the house. Then when I asked for the rotator switch, to get current from other line if there is power cut in one line, he was bluffing something. But still he was in his point, that he has a 3 phase electricity supply. I even told him that when there was power cut last week in one phase we were left without power, if there is 3 phase then I should get power for any of the part in my house.
If you have any experience with rental life, please post it in Comments section.

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Anonymous,  April 26, 2009 at 9:39 PM  

One landlord asked me if he could come and meet my parents after I told him they lived in the neighbourhood.

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