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Review of irctc

IRCTC is the service used to book train tickets online for Indian Railways. You can book the ticket at the convenience of your home. There is a minimal service charge included. But you don't have to go to the counter and stand in the serpentine queue. You can book ticket using credit card or debit card. If you have internet banking with some of the supported banks by irctc, you can book ticket through that account. But there are also negatives in booking ticket at the irctc site.
Many times you will see the message "Service Unavailable". This happens mostly at 8.00 am IST. This is the time the Tatkal bookings starts for the journey date 5 days from this day. And in few minutes the available tickets will be over. Though you pay a high amount for Tatkal quota, you end up booking Waitlisted ticket or get no ticket.

irctc vs railway ticket counter

To book your ticket at railway counter, you may need to queue up at the counter. The queue depends on the place and time. Usually weekends will be more rush. Also if you want to pay using credit card or debit card, then some places there will not be this facility. For Tatkal tickets, if you wait at the computer for booking through irctc site, then sometimes you will see the "Service Unavailable" message. This happened for me today. Till 7.59 am, the site was working good. After that it went down. If you go at the counter, then based on first come first serve basis, your chance of getting a ticket depends.

eticket vs iticket

An eticket is the one which can be booked upto the time of chart preparation, and can be booked for Confirmed, RAC or Waitlisted tickets. After booking the ticket you may take a print out of the same. This is the ticket. You need to take a original photo id card of atleast one passenger wile travelling. Earlier you need to give the details of the same while booking ticket and has to carry the same id card.
iticket is the normal ticket which will be delivered at your doorstep. You need not take print out. But unlike eticket this can only be booked for journey date of atleast 2 - 3 days in advance. Because you need to give sufficient time for the courier to arrive. Also ensure that your city or town is covered by them, because not for all places the ticket will be delivered.
So eticket are the convenient one, because even if you lose the ticket you need not worry, you may login and take another print. Also you need not be in a worry till last minute to track the courier.

Tatkal quota

Tatkal bookings are the one where the ticket can be booked at last minute. Last minute in the sense, the quota opens 5 days prior to the journey date. If the ordinary tickets is not available like waitlisted etc, or if you doubt that the ordinary ticket booked by you will not get confirmed status, you may opt for Tatkal ticket.

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