Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trouble at Chennai beach

Chennai is famous for its beaches. But it is all made dirty by its visitors, hawkers, vendors, pets brouhgt by visitors etc. There are so many NGOs trying to clean the beaches and creating awareness to people.
Beaches are a place one visits to be peaceful. Thiruvanmiyur beach is one of the good beach where the vendors and hawkers are less compared to Besant Nagat beach and Marina beach. On April 5, 2009, evening whoever visited the beach might be surprised to see this. A person brought 3 gigantic sized dogs. He was playing with it with untied belt. The dogs were running here and there. It even disturbed many of the visitors sitting at the beach. It ran towards them, and when the owner of the dog shouts, it go back. One of the dog was running of its own and many of the visitors moved with fear. When one old man went and argued with the owner of the dog, the dogs jumped at him, luckily it stopped.
It is common sense to know that shouldn't disturb others like this. It is not at all bad to bring pets with you for jogging or walking in beach or at streets. But please keep in mind that it shouldn't hurt or disturb others, as people come to beach to find some peace and escape from the summer hot at their house, work tension etc.
Even in streets people play with their dogs like this. Some even don't care when it make dirty at the vehicles parked.

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