Friday, May 15, 2009

Maruti Suzuki Ritz

India's car maker Maruti Suzuki India Limited unveiled its new car RITZ today. It comes in both Petrol and Diesel variant.

Feature Specifications
The features include rear fog lamp, child lock for rear door, body coloured bumbers for all its variants.
Front fog lamps is available on VXi and ZXi variant. This makes it easier to drive on the difficult weather conditions.
It comes with 8 different colours.

Price (Ex-showroom Chennai)

RITZ LDI BS IV - Rs 4.61 lakhs
RITZ VDI (ABS) BS IV - Rs 5.13 lakhs
RITZ VDI BS IV - Rs 4.95 lakhs
RITZ VXI ( ABS) BS IV - Rs 4.4 lakhs
RITZ VXI BS IV - Rs 4.16 lakhs
RITZ LXI BS IV - 3.85 lakhs
RITZ ZXI BS IV - 4.78 lakhs

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