Friday, May 15, 2009

SMS marketing

On the day of election on May 13, 2009, there was a different kind of sms making its round. It reads like this, "Vote for DMK, Forward this sms to 30 people and get Rs 1229 balance in your mobile account. This is not a joke. See today's newspaper". What a wonderful marketing technique. There will be so many people forwarding this sms and wasting there time and money. Before forwarding you should ask yourself some questions like, if it is postpaid connection, then how will you receive the money, Will your postpaid bill paid automatically ? How come forwarding 30 sms will earn money ?
This kind of sms was earlier doing the rounds like, if you forward this sms to 10 people, you will get Rs 300 worth talktime free.
Uhhh, what are the techniques they follow to fool poor citizens.

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