Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Deepaks worst experience

I will let my readers know about my bad experience with one of the tailoring unit Deepaks in Adyar, Chennai. Mainly, during the school vacation, they advertise saying that they offer 10 % discount etc. That is not a matter here. I usually stitch uniform for my daughter at another tailor in the same area. Due to some unsatisfaction, I thought of trying it here. I am frustrated. I stitched 3 sets of dress. Right from the first use, the skirt can be buckled only at the last buckle. The rest are useless, since it is stitched in such a way. After few days I took it to the shop. The old man sitting at the cash counter asked me the problem, and told. His response was quite horrible. He said, "this is not tailor fault". I said I didn't come here to find if this is tailor fault or not. I want to do the adjustment here so that this can be used. You stitched this and not even for 1 term the uniform can't be used. Even you are hesitating to do this for the one which you stitched, then howcome others will do. His reply was, "The tailors are all on leave. You try after 15 days". I asked him are the tailors leave for 15 days. He said "Yes, even after that I am not sure that this can be done, because we don't have that material". I was thinking, without material then how come he will stitch new dress. I am sure, he just want me to get out, and he will never do it. The adjustment was so simple that it can be done in few minutes. I thought of making it at his place, since he has stitched it. While talking to the old man, the owner arrived (the old man seems to be his relative). I told the problem, and his response was also same. I thought this people are only keen on making money and nothing else. If he wants his customers to visit back, he mght not have responded like that. His policy seems to be, one customer, one visit, make money from him. So, I just warn my readers here, not to visit Deepaks in Adyar, as you will also get the same experience.

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